API is free for all CMO.grexel users!

March, 2018

Grexel® have decided to make CMO.grexel API free for all account holders in all domains.

API (Application Programming Interface) is a service that allows users to use most important functions of the registry without accessing the system's web interface. This gives the user more power: you can now connect or integrate multiple functionalities together to create a more customized and powerful solution.

To get access to API, account holders have to sign a standard API contract stipulating form example fair use policy, copyright and liability issues.

Why Get CMO.grexel API?

Through API, Account Holder users can retrieve system information, as for example, account statements and certificates information. On top of this, they can also create and cancel transactions without using the system’s user interface. The CMO.grexel API lets companies’ developers to build applications that interact directly with our CMO.grexel servers. With these applications, time spent on certificate management can be significantly reduced.

Access to CMO.grexel API is encrypted and uses client certificate based authentication.

“The schedule API did already save some time for us, so this one is really a good one.” - Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH referring to the API already available in the Norwegian registry, NECS

Next Steps: 

  • See more information in Knowledge Base.
  • Review standard API agreement and initiate signing procedure.
  • Read API user manual available under Support menu in CMO.grexel private site.
  • See full API documentation under API website (access granted only after signign the agreement.

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