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Biomethane is biogas that is upgraded so it can be injected into natural gas grid. Both can be certified and the certificates traded in a certificate registry. Grexel is Europe's leading provider of biomethane certificate registries. Biomethane registry is a web based central database, where biogas and biomethane are tracked. Typically, guarantees of origin or certificates, each representing 1 MWh of energy, are issued when biomethane is injected into a general gas grid. After a biomethane certificate is issued, it can be transferred and cancelled in the registry. The transactions happen either independently from the physical gas or it can be connected to the flow of ownership of gas. This and many other properties of the market depend on the rules of the certification scheme. So biomethane certificates are used to guarantee the origin of gas within a single mass balancing area, typically a gas grid. ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry) aims at harmonizing national rules and mass balancing documentation so that biomethane could be freely traded in Europe.

Grexel's biomethane certificate registry is based on the same technology as our electricity certificate registries (Grexel Certification Framework, GCF). GCF is currently used as a certificate registry by 11 countries. It hosts tens of thousands of accounts for over 7000 account holders and handles a transaction volume of 1 400 TWh annually. For biomethane certification Grexel's registries are currently used by (Denmark), Gasum (Finland) and GreenGasTrading (UK).

Do you need to establish a biomethane registry? Imagine it is already done, tested and connected to other similar schemes. Grexel registry can be rented as a service or it can be a dedicated system tailored to the specific needs of a registry operator or an issuing body. When rented, the registry can be taken into use very fast and with very low - or no - investment. Running costs are monthly fees and volume based charges that can be easily and fairly forwarded to the account holders using the service. Both rented and dedicated solutions can be modified and localized and translated to meet the needs of your certification scheme and local regulation. They can also be connected to other certificate registries to enable import and exports.

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