Case: GGT - Central Registry for UK Biomethane Certification Scheme

Grexel has agreed to develop the central registry system for the upcoming  Biomethane Certification Scheme (BMCS) in the UK. BMCS enables the  biomethane producers to certify their production and to sell the “green” value of the gas. BMCS is an independent certification scheme run by Green Gas Trading Limited.

Similar to Guarantees of Origin and Support certificates, Biomethane Certificates (BMCs) are traded separately from the physical commodity, in this case, gas. This allows the owner of the BMC to receive two sources of revenue, one from selling the commodity in the gas market, and the other from the transaction of BMCs in the certificate market.

The new registry, powered by Grexel, facilitates issuing, transactions and cancellations of BMCs. According to Grant Ashton, CEO of GGT, “Green Gas Trading is pleased to have selected Grexel to provide its registry for the Biomethane Certification Scheme. Grexel provides us with a robust, cost-effective solution from one of the most respected registry providers in Europe, who will be able to adapt and develop the registry as the market grows. We hope that this is the start of a long relationship between Grexel and Green Gas Trading.”

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