Case: Hungary - First non-EECS domain in CMO.grexel

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, MEKH, has chosen Grexel as their registry provider for guarantee of origin energy certificates. Hungary is the first non-EECS domain residing in CMO.grexel. 
The new domain under CMO.grexel enables issuing, transfers and cancellations of Hungarian national GOs.
Being in CMO.grexel, Hungary is technically ready for EECS since day one, but it is not yet connected to the AIB Hub due to not being member of the AIB or Hub user.

The national registry for Hungarian GOs inside the EECS connected CMO.grexel is a perfect example of how easy is to customize Grexel Certification Framework (GFC) for different setups. 

In GFC certificate standards, product types and trading schemes can be used for controlling the ability to trade between domains and account holders.

Besides that, the Hungarian users can rely on CMO.grexel multilingual support and select English or Hungarian when navigating the registry.
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