Case: Ireland - In Need of an Efficient Online Registry for GOs

Ireland is a good example of how CMO.grexel online registry helps issuing bodies and local energy authorities to manage their energy certificates with efficiency, transparency and, let’s not forget, low cost.

The Irish Guarantees of Origin scheme has been in operation since 2011 under the careful eyes of the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO), the local issuing body who is part of the EirGrid Group. However, the scheme was implemented based on Microsoft Office tools which meant a lot of manual work  for SEMO when managing certificates. The increase of the trading activity on both a domestic and European level and the feedback from market actors motivated SEMO to move to an online registry system.

EirGrid and SEMO chose Grexel to help them to take the next step and reach the efficiency they were looking for in an online registry for Guarantees of Origin. CMO.grexel is easy to use, reliable and has numerous features that take stress out of certificate management. 

Besides that, being in CMO.grexel provides Ireland with an EECS compatible registry which represents an  important step in harmonizing the energy certification market in Europe and in making consumer choice of electricity origin more efficient.

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