CMO.grexel Key Features

The following is a brief list of features, which our registry systems facilitate:

  • Registration of production devices or projects including their ownership structures, licenses and aggregation of the resulting tradable commodities and rights
  • Registration of account holders, auditing bodies and other market actors
  • Support for various certificate purposes, standards and trading schemes
  • Double-entry bookkeeping, activity log and audit trail
  • Receiving and aggregating of meter readings from plants, project information, auto declarations and their approval procedures
  • Issuing of commodities and rights according to defined rules
  • Transfer, export, import and expiry according to defined rules
  • Cancellation and withdrawal of certificates according to defined rules
  • Scheduled, recurring and automated transactions
  • Advanced searches of certificates, transactions, production devices/projects and users
  • Extensive, easily exportable reports
  • Public reporting of transactions
  • Workflows and multi-level approvals including tasks and alerts
  • Management of year-end-procedures and quota fulfillment
  • Integration into the surrounding technical business infrastructure and other similar registries and communication hubs
  • Secure user authentication using client certificates
  • Role-based user rights management
  • Secure REST based APIs
  • Multilangual support
  • Scalable and cloud-ready technical architecture

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