CMO.grexel selected as the Danish Biogas Registry


As part of the Danish Energy Agreement of March 2012, Denmark adopted a new support model for biogas production and use. A biogas certificate scheme is one of the results of the agreement, and it is expected to provide better framework conditions for biogas expansion in Denmark.

Biogas certificates facilitate consumers to buy biogas which was physically produced and distributed elsewhere. Similar to Guarantees of Origin for electricity, biogas certificates allow tracking the contractual flows of natural gas rather than the actual physical flows. Thus, making it possible for the producers of biogas to sell the certificate independently.

See more:, the certificate scheme operator, has decided to adopt Grexel's solution for certificate management. The Danish biogas certificates will reside in a new domain in CMO.grexel registry. has been a long-time customer of Grexel and user of CMO.grexel for administering Danish Guarantees of Origin for electricity. Such familiarity with the registry and its functionalities means a smooth adaptation to the new domain, which will allow issuance, trading and cancellations of biogas certificates.

At Grexel, we are proud to see our relationship with grow further. The road to a green energy future involves integration of varied initiatives; both biogas and renewable electricity are critical elements for reaching this goal. It is gratifying that we are able to assist the customer in different sectors and provide solutions to both gas and electricity needs.

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