Energy Certification in Egypt - Thriving in Turmoil

Over the last few years Egypt has stepped to the fore of investment projects for renewable energies. The government, and in particular the Egyptian electric utility and consumer protection regulatory agency, ERA, decided to support this trend by using the guarantee of origin system as a new incentive mechanism.

Together with ERA, Grexel designed and prepared all the required structures and frames for the introduction of a GO system for Egypt. Grexel’s well-planned and efficient work, provided market operators with the necessary theory, practice and support to allow the new scheme to work properly in the domain.

Such a scheme enabled companies to use certified renewable electricity as part of their products and services as well as to capitalize on the concept of virtual green energy export, i.e. selling premium-priced products and services wherein the use of renewable energy is an essential component. In addition, the designed system is also compatible with the main energy certification scheme in Europe (EECS®).

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