FIN141 – On their way to Rio

January, 2013

Rosa Lindqvist

The water is getting chillier and Grexel is ready to go… sail! Yes, sail. This fall Grexel supported the FIN141 girls sailing team and expect to help the wind powered girls to go even farther.

Rosa Lindqvist (skipper) and Annina Takala are the faces of the FIN141 team. They sail in the 470 class, a two person Olympic class for women and men. Now, their goal is to compete in Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games and for that they need to work hard to be among the best 20 countries that are qualified for the Games. As they say, it means a lot of sailing hours, physical training and making sure they have good financial support to be able to be professional sailors.

They are very thankful that Grexel believed in them and joined their team. If it depends on Grexel, the girls can expect only positive energy and good winds for them.

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