Finnish Biomethane Certification Scheme is Now Powered by Grexel



Gasum Oy, the state-owned transmission system operator (TSO) for natural gas in Finland has moved their biomethane certification scheme to CMO.grexel. Grexel’s central registries are now used in 3 countries for biomethane certification, which makes Grexel the market leader in biomethane certification in terms of countries covered. Grexel is already the market leader in the electricity certification field with a coverage of 10 countries.

Biomethane certificates are used for tracking the ownership of the origin of the gas in a so-called book-and-claim certification system. Certificates are issued at the point of injection of upgraded biogas into the general gas network, after which they are tradable independently of the physical gas. By cancelling such certificates, the beneficiary of the cancellation is entitled to claim the origin of gas taken from the grid.  The Finnish biomethane certification scheme has been operational since 2013 using Gasum’s in-house technology. It is a voluntary commercial scheme but recognized by the authorities for proving the origin of the gas taken from the gas grid. By cancelling biomethane certificate market parties avoid paying the natural gas tax.

"Gasum runs a well-established and recognized biomethane certification scheme in Finland. We wished to further strengthen the scheme in the eyes of both customers and authorities with a robust and dependable central registry system. Grexel was thus selected due to its tested and flexible technology, knowledge of the markets and competitive service offering.”, says Janne Grönlund, Transmission System Operations Manager at Gasum.

"Gasum has created an impressive certification scheme, which is recognized by both the market and the authorities. Grexel is extremely proud to provide the technology backbone for the scheme and to help Gasum achieve even higher levels of operational excellence. The third biomethane scheme in our registries proves the versatileness and flexibility of our core technology, the Grexel Certification Framework (GCF)”, says Grexel CEO Marko Lehtovaara.

Gasum Group is a Finnish energy company and the number one expert in the gas sector in Finland. They import natural gas to Finland and upgrade 100% Finnish renewable biogas for their customers for energy production, industry, homes as well as road and maritime transport. Gasum Oy is part of the Gasum Group.

Grexel, based in Helsinki, is Europe’s leading energy certification technology provider with an annual transaction volume of over 1 billion MWhs and over 7 000 active account holders. CMO.grexel is a central registry service for energy certificates and other environmental commodities. Currently Grexel provides the central registry service for guarantees of origin for electricity in 10 countries, for biomethane certificates in 3 countries, and for quota obligation certificates in 2 countries. All registries are currently based on the same technology, Grexel Certification Framework (GCF).

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