Grexel Certification Framework (GCF)

An environmental market needs robust technology to be operational, reliable and trustworthy. At the very core of a market is the central registry, keeping track of ownership and all transactions taking place on the market. All Grexel registries are based on our GCF-platform. It incorporates our long experience from different markets starting back in 2001 when the European energy certificate market first saw daylight. Since that the platform has been completely rebuilt and continuously updated and enhanced to meet the growing requirements of market participants, issuing bodies and other stakeholders. Today GCF facilitates the transaction volume of 1 300 million certificates and trading worth more than 1 billion euro on an annual basis. It is used for 8 different certificate types ranging from national guarnatee of origin schemes to biomethane certificates and emission allowances.

GCF can easily be customized to fit the needs of various types of markets as well as re- and co-branded according to the market setup. It allows for different standards, product types and trading schemes and configurable rules regarding the issuing, trading and claiming of these. It also supports multiple domains and issuing bodies as well as centralized management and reporting. Regardless of the design of your market, the registry technology is already there.

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