GECCO™ – Grexel Environmental Commodity Clearing Office


Today, different environmental commodities are managed in different registries. This creates a maze of demands for the assets’ owners and portfolio managers.  Grexel Environmental Commodity Clearing Office, GECCO™, is a banking service that streamlines the management of environmental assets.

GECCO™ enables Account Holders to keep and transact several kind of commodities, certificates, credits and allowances in a single, secure and affordable system.

For Issuing Bodies, GECCO™ offers a sophisticated platform to manage a cap-and-trade or book-and-claim scheme and facilitate the management of the related tradable environmental assets. The service enables core processes such as production device/project registration and issuing of certificates.  Electricity, biogas and hydrogen certificates, as well as carbon credits are some examples of commodities that can be held in GECCO.

GECCO platform is based on Grexel Certification framework (GCF) and it is ready-to-use, but also easily customized to fit your scheme’s needs. Grexel invoices transaction based fees directly to account holders so you do not have to invest in an IT system. 

Key Benefits 

  • Flexible. GECCO can be easily customized to support different environmental credits. 
  • Easy to use. The registry is feature-rich and constantly updated to meet the growing requirements of market participants, issuing bodies and other stakeholders. 
  • Affordable. No investment is required because the registry is simply taken into use, not individually developed, planned or budgeted from scratch. Operational costs are transaction based.
  • Tested, reliable and secure. With more than 50 years of cumulative experience in the energy certificate markets and central certificate registries, Grexel can assure its clients that they are receiving the state of the art system for certificate management.
  • Transparent and efficient. Account holders can rely on real-time tracking and reporting of credits throughout their lifecycle. And GECCO's public reports ensure compliance with relevant environmental market standards.

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