GECCO™ - Registry Solution for your Certificate Scheme

If you are an Issuing Body or a scheme authority setting up a new certificate scheme, e.g. for biogas, hydrogen, electricity, carbon, water etc…you might be rightfully worried about the IT costs of such a scheme and the risks associated in setting up such systems. Our message is, worry no longer!

Similar to a regular bank, GECCO™ is a standardized platform for environmental commodities register. In many ways, managing environmental commodities is just like banking. Why set up a bank, required IT infra and legal stuff from scratch, when you can simply let account holders deposit credits into their GECCO account?

GECCO allows you to register and accredit installations and projects, issue certificates, validate cancellations and supervise the certificate scheme. Market Actors use the registry to manage their assets, similar as e.g. for Guarantees of Origin. The system also includes e.g, hierarchical account structures, user rights management, various public and private reports and Application Programming Interface (API).

We guarantee that you will have a single, secure, and easy to use system as well as the contractual framework and business processes at hand in no time. It is enough to agree scheme specific deposit rules with Grexel.

Products Covered

An environmental commodity is eligible for the registry as long as there is an agreement between the Scheme Authority and Grexel. For Issuing body and/or Scheme Authority to get their commodity accepted, the Scheme has to fulfill certain criteria:

  • It has clear and published rules for issuing, trade and use.
  • It has to allow depositing and trading of the commodity in a third party service.
  • The scheme’s rules clearly set responsibilities, which are preferably separate for 1) scheme rules development, 2) issuing, auditing and verification as well as 3) conflict resolution.
  • The commodity must have a clear legal definition and VAT status.
  • It is not a financial instrument as defined by EU directive 2014/65/EU.

Next Steps

Contact us to schedule a demonstration and see how your Scheme can run in GECCO!

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