Grexel Compensates its 2018 Green House Gas emissions

Like previous years, Grexel Systems has now published its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for 2018.

The emissions reported by using the GHG Protocol emissions calcuation standard continued to drop (-14%) compared to previous year. 









See our GHG Emissions Inventory for 2018 for details and calcuations.

To compensate the 2018 emissions, both CO2 Removal Certificate units (CORC) and Certifies Emission Reduction (CER) units were used.

The 12 CORC units are from the Puro domain. The CO2 Removal Certificates represent 1 ton of CO2 factually removed from the atmosphere.

The 4 CER units are originally from a Shaanxi Shenmu Hengdong waste gas-based electricity
generation project (UNFCCC Project no. 4292) imported to Grexel’s GECCO domain certificate bank.

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