Grexel cuts its Green House Gas Emissions by 27%


The emissions are reported by using the GHG Protocol emissions calculation strandard for the 6th consecutive year.

In 2017 our total GHG emissions dropped significantly (- 27%) compared to the previous year. For the first time, all consumption related to electricity and heating was purchased from renewable sources. Also the emissions from the purchased goods and services and business travel decreased substantially.

See our GHG Emission Inventory for 2017 for details and calculations.

Total GHG emissions (tCO2) by Grexel 2012 - 2018:








To compensate the 2017 emissions, we had 19 CER units cancelled on our behalf. The units originated from Shaanxi Shenmu Hengdong waste gas based electricity generation project in China. The cancellation statement is available in the GECCO registry here.

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