Grexel discloses and compensates its Carbon Footprint

Being an environmentally aware company, Grexel® has decided to disclose and compensate its own carbon footprint. 

In order to calculate our emissions, we use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), the most widely recognized tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. 

GHG Protocol provides sufficient standards and guidance needed to identify and quantify emissions induced by us and our value chain. By producing this kind of an emissions inventory it will become possible to identify the main sources of our CO₂-emissions and find solutions to reduce them. 

In 2018, business done by Grexel induced 15,61 tonnes of CO₂, this is 2,49 tonnes less (-14%) than in previous year.

To compensate our business-related emissions, we have used both CO2 Removal Certificate units and Certified Emission Reduction units. 

Grexel GHG Report 2018

The previous year reports can be found here:

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