Grexel's greenhouse gas emissions 2016 published


For the fifth consecutive year, we report the emissions and compensate them by using emission reduction units. See our GHG Emission Inventory for 2016 for details and calculations.

Even though the overall GHG emissions caused by Grexel's business increased by 3,82%, the emissions per transacted certificate and per turnover dropped slightly. Scope 2 (market based) emissions were caused solely by our main office’s district heating. For the first time, the electricity consumed by the Indian office was less than the electricity produced by their company owned wind turbine.

The most significant increase in Scope 3 regarded business travel and was mainly caused by our decision to update of the emission factors for air travel.The GHG emissions for the other two categories (purchased goods and services and the employee commuting) were lower than in 2015.









To compensate the 2016 emissions, we had 25 CER units cancelled on our behalf. The units originated from Shaanxi Shenmu Hengdong waste gas based electricity generation project in China. The cancellation statement is available in the GECCO registry here.

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