EEX Group report for Q3 published

November, 2019

Out now: The third EEX Group Report which gives you an insight on figures and key achievements of the 3rd quarter in 2019:


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Grexel calculates and compensates its 2018 Green House Gas Emissions

August, 2019

Like previous years, Grexel Systems has now published its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for 2018.

The emissions reported by using the GHG Protocol emissions calcuation standard dropped 14% compared to previous year. 

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EEX acquires 100% ownership of Grexel

February, 2019

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has successfully completed the acquisition of the shares in Grexel Systems Oy. The completion follows the satisfaction of all conditions to the closing of the transaction. Since 1st February 2019, EEX holds 100 percent of the shares in the company..

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The first European-wide Green Hydrogen Guarantees of Origin are on the market!

January, 2019

The CertifHy pilot has issued 75 000+ Green and Low Carbon Guarantees of Origin.
The CertifHy GO registry is CMO.grexel. Grexel also acts as the issuing body during the pilot project.

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Grexel Joins EEX Group!

December, 2018

Grexel and European Energy Exchange (EEX) have reached an agreement under which Grexel becomes fully owned subsidiary of the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Grexel will continue to operate as an independent entity with existing brand, clients and personnel.
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Season's Greetings from Grexel!

December, 2018

Nordic Residual Mix 2017 Published

June, 2018
Energimarknadsinspektionen has published the results of Nordic residual mix calculation. Grexel carried out the calculations using the European Residual Mix as a basis.
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2017 Electricity Residual Mixes now published

June, 2018
The AIB has now published the Residual Mixes and European Attribute Mix of 2017. As in previous years, Grexel Systems was responsible for carrying out the calculations.
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Grexel cuts its GHG emissions by 27%

April, 2018
Grexel has now published its GHG emissions inventory for 2017.

See our GHG Emission Inventory for 2017 for details and calculations.

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API is free for all CMO.grexel users!

March, 2018
Grexel® have decided to make CMO.grexel API free for all account holders in all domains.

API (Application Programming Interface) is an HTTP service that allows users to feed information into and retrieve information from the registry without using the system's web interface. This gives the user more power: you can now connect or integrate multiple functionalities together to create a more customized and powerful solution.
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Season's Greetings from Grexel!

December, 2017


Grexel to Power Lithuanian Guarantee of Origin Registry

September, 2017
Following an international public tendering, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, Litgrid, has selected Grexel as the provider of the central registry for electricity Guarantees of Origin (GO) in Lithuania.
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Major improvement in CMO.grexel Transaction Speed

August, 2017
CMO.grexel can now process transactions three times faster than before. In registries, certificates are stored in bundles consisting of a set of certificates with equivalent properties such as production time, country of origin and details of originating production device. One transaction can contain several certificate bundles. For example, a month of production of a hydro device can be in one certificate bundle of 50 000 certificates.

Committing a transaction with a certificate bundle is a rather complex operation itself. A certificate registry needs to perform many validations and checks before it knows whether such transaction is allowed and what are the consequences.
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Finnish Biomethane Certification Scheme is Now Powered by Grexel

August, 2017
Gasum Oy, the state-owned transmission system operator (TSO) for natural gas in Finland has moved their biomethane certification scheme to CMO.grexel. Grexel’s central registries are now used in 3 countries for biomethane certification, which makes Grexel the market leader in biomethane certification in terms of countries covered. Grexel is already the market leader in the electricity certification field with a coverage of 10 countries.
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European Residual Mixes 2016 now published

May, 2017
The AIB has published last year's Residual Mixes and European Attribute Mix.

As in the past years, Grexel Systems was responsible for carrying out the calculcations. All key figures indicate the strengthening of explicit tracking for renewables (GOs).

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Grexel's greenhouse gas emissions 2016 published

March, 2017
For the fifth consecutive year, we report the emissions and compensate them by using emission reduction units. See our GHG Emission Inventory for 2016 for details and calculations. Even though the overall GHG emissions caused by Grexel's business increased by 3,82%, the emissions per transacted certificate and per turnover dropped slightly.
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