Norwegian Central Registry, NECS

The Grexel-built Norwegian Energy Certificate System, NECS, was launched at the end of 2011. The registry enables the trading and handling of two types of certificates: renewable energy guarantees of origin within EECS and the Norwegian-Swedish support system's green support certificates (elcertificates).

The NECS registry was developed based on Grexel Certification Framework (GCF) and was specially customized to follow the customer requirements of the Norwegian issuing body Statnett. It is an easy-to-use, web-based user interface for Norwegian market actors and allows issuance, transfer, cancellation, expiration and withdrawal of certificates; registration and management of account holders, production devices and users; and all needed functionalities to facilitate a preeminent certificate system.

Besides that, the system was designed to also handle certificates of the Norwegian and Swedish support system for renewable energy (elcertificates). NECS enables the import and export of elcertificates between Norwegian and Swedish accounts paving the way for the world’s first certificate-based joint support scheme between two countries.  The joint market aims at increasing the production of renewable electricity through creating a larger and more stable market with a greater number of members, in order to boost competition and liquidity.

The NECS registry is constantly updated by Grexel to meet the latest requirements of the certificate markets and its stakeholders. In addition, Grexel also provides full assistance to NECS account holders to make their system experience the best possible.

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