A Central Registry is the Heart of a Market

Environmental markets can be operational only if all the vital organs are in place and in good condition. The most important of these is the central registry, where the commodities or rights are issued, traded and cancelled. Without it, the pulse of the market would be lost in no time.

The central registry is used to track the ownership of e.g. Guarantees of Origin, green certificates, emission allowances or other objects with complex structures, rules and relationships. The registry provides central banking services under the supervision of a competent body or issuing body responsible for the functioning of the market.

Want to avoid reinventing the wheel? It is already there:

Registry as a Service requiring no investment and no IT-project: CMO.grexel

Dedicated and customized solution: Grexel Certification Framework (GCF)

Case: Luxembourg - A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Institute Luxembourgeois de Régulation was designated by the government as the competent body for guarantees of origin for renewable electricity and electricity disclosure. One of its key tasks was to implement a central registry system that is internationally connected and compliant with the national legislation, EU Directives, as well as international standards.

An IT project of this caliber usually translates into a schedule of more than a year, a six to seven digit budget and a nervous breakdown. ILR, however, wanted to solve the problem without an IT project and chose CMO.grexel, a registry service from Grexel. CMO.grexel enabled them to deploy the guarantee of origin market within a few months and with a transparent cost structure for users. They also did not have to worry about connections to registries in other countries, because CMO.grexel was already connected. Nor did staying compliant with the EECS® standard cause any gray hair or extra bills, because compliance was included in the service contract.

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