Regulatory and Market Engineering Services

An energy certificate system allows government bodies and other organizations to track the origin and ownership of generation attributes. But in order for it to work, legislative, regulatory and administrative frameworks must also be in place.

The markets, the legislation and the system requirements for trading green commodities are still taking shape. To set up a system in your region, it is worthwhile teaming -up with someone with the very best knowledge of energy certificate markets and systems and electricity disclosure. As your partner, Grexel can help you in:

  • Designing a state-of-the-art certificate system for tracking energy origin, including electricity disclosure
    • e.g. Guarantee of Origin, RECs, green tags
  • Developing an economically efficient Quota Certificate system using Green Certificates
    • e.g. Elcertificates, ROCs, RECs, Certificati Verdi
  • Coping with the changing requirements set by international legislation and standards
    • in Europe these include 2009/28/EC, Art.15 and 2009/72/EC, Art.3(9), EECS® (European Energy Certificate System) and RE-DISS Best Practices.

And after the system is carefully designed, Grexel can provide the required IT system for the registry as a service and assume full responsibility for day-to-day operation and IT support.

Grexel's role

Our services can include, for example, recommendations on implementing necessary legislation, regulation and domain protocols for energy certificates and electricity disclosure. We can also address your local special requirements such as administrational procedures, metering systems and integration into the surrounding infrastructure.

Our professionals have pronounced market knowledge and provide you with hands-on assistance with market design and regulatory development. Grexel’s expertise in the energy market makes it possible to design the proper legislation and regulations to serve as a foundation for an energy certificate market in your country, making sure that every local particularity is taken into account.

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